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November Money Goals

Each month I set myself small goals around my money management. Some of these are tasks or small projects, others are challenges or habit building.

I believe in marginal gains, and although I want to overhaul my life completely right now, right this minute, I have to take small steps to get there! 🐾

My goals for November are to:

🥪 BYO (Brown Bag) my lunch to work every day.

I used to buy my lunch out anywhere from $12 – $18 dollars, every work day! That really stacks up, to over $2760 per year! I’ve recently moved companies and it’s a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf and bring my lunch!

🤑 Complete 4 Years of overdue tax returns

Oh dear, this is just so painful. Going through bank statements and categorising all my spending between my business and personal. It’s also just a bit sad seeing how much money I’ve wasted on shit in the past. I will probably get money back, so I have motivation for doing this I just can’t be bothered. Which is why it is a goal here!

🏧 Enter my spending transactions into YNAB daily

I am on my free trial on YNAB, and I really want to build a YNAB habit, where I enter my transactions as they happen. Here in Australia YNAB doesn’t have bank feeds, so I have to either enter manually or upload of the bank CSV.

Nothing too groundbreaking here, but if I can get these things done, it will start to set me up with some solid financial foundations.

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and if you prefer video version, I have this post as a YouTube!

Got any tips for using YNAB? Or delicious lunches? Let me know in the comments!


  • The Frugal Samurai

    Good luck with the 4 years of tax returns! Full bloody on that will be!

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