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November Money Goals Update – Fails

Each month I set myself small goals around my money management. Some of these are tasks or small projects, others are challenges or habit building.

My goals for November were to:

🥪 BYO (Brown Bag) my lunch to work every day.

🤑 Complete 4 Years of overdue tax returns

🏧 Enter my spending transactions into YNAB daily


I am super happy to have BYO’d my lunch every single day to work! 🥪 This is unheard of, I’ve struggled with this all of my life, even when I used to work shifts where I had to bring my lunch otherwise I wouldn’t be able to eat at all (our in remote sites) I would still fk it up and ended up eating a lot of cold canned bake beans that I had for “emergencies”, which was like, every day! Haha

A big part of my financial goals and my fitness goals, is to eat healthier and to spend less on food.

To achieve this goal I had to create a few new habits,

  1. Go food shopping every Sunday so I had food during the week. I don’t bulk prepare though, just needed to shop. I never used to go shopping properly, I ate take away nearly all meals.
  2. Get up earlier to prepare lunch. Sometimes I did it the night before, but often in the mornings.
  3. Say no to co-workers – this was a little tough as I started a new job, and a good way to bond is by going out to lunch, but now I’ve not done it, I don’t think it’s that important anymore. There’s other ways.


Tax Returns, 4 years worth, all over due. I might even get money back. Even with the incentive of money, MONEY 🤑 I still only managed to do two of these! WTF is wrong with my brain. 🤦‍♀️


Enter my spending transactions in YNAB everyday 🏧 Big freaking FAIL. I really want to use a budget, I’ve never used one before, and I like the concept of YNAB, and I spent a lot of time setting it up. But entering manually every transaction I make it PAINFUL. I don’t think I did it once. Then I was like, okay I’ll do it weekly, but it’s hard to create a weekly habit that’s not tied to anything else. Here in Australia YNAB doesn’t connect to the bank feeds. I want to use my budget in real time too, not just reflect back at the end of the month.

My free trial was coming to an end so I asked them to extend it, as I do not want to pay for a service I don’t use (see my Expense Audit for Subscriptions ).

I’m at a lost what to do here, I would love any suggestions in the comments! 🤷

So 1.5 goals out of 3 completed. Argh. I think it’s important to recognise failure and where we fell down, as if I don’t there’s no way of finding the way to get back up again!

It has taken a hit on my confidence though, I haven’t even set my December goals, it’s a bit deflating, but the failure also gives me the opportunity to improve, who wants to be perfect anyway!

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  • Budget Feeder for YNAB

    Hi Mx Lauren,

    I just wanted to let you know that we have recently launched Budget Feeder for YNAB. It provides bank feeds for Australian Banks. This allows you to set up automatic transaction syncing from around 150 Australian Banks and Credit Cards right in to your YNAB.

    You’re welcome to to take a look at – and there’s a free trial available.

  • Use Money Brilliant maybe, transactions update automatically.

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