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Net-worth Report – December 2019

Welcome to my third Net-worth report, my intention is to track my progress, have visibility, create accountability and use the net knowledge of the awesome FI Community to help me learn and grow, all the while breaking the taboo of talking about money. ✨

I am following the Financial Independence Retire Early concept 🔥 and my goal is to be FI by 45, which is in 12.5 years. I wouldn’t say no if it happened earlier of course but this is (only just) a realistic goal.

About Me Stats

  • 32 years old 💁
  • My pronouns are she/her
  • Perth, Western Australia 🏖
  • S.I.N.K – Single income no kids 💃
  • No PPOR, I rent.
  • Income: Salary job at $90k gross.
  • I have a few “side hustles” but they cost me more than I make! Oops!
  • 1 investment property – income TBD (purchased Sept 2019 & now renovating it).
  • No consumer or credit card debt (clear debt each month)
  • Own a car ( value < $5000 ) and no other significant assets (lots of fun times had though!)

Negative Net-worth

Yep, it happened this month officially. It’s okay, kinda sucks, bigger month of spending with the holidays, and also paying out expenses for my Investment Property renovation. In December I learnt how expensive GLASS is! 😭Essentially I’m eating into cash for the IP reno that I’ve been including in this net-worth report, but had pre-allocated to this. Once the renovation is finished I might adjust those costs somehow to reflect the added value of the investment, but overall I’m happy enough to call it an expense and move on.

December 2019 Net-worth

November 2019December 2019% Change
Total Assets $275,925.25$275,295.05-0.23%
Total Investments$237,364.50$238,390.58+0.43%
IP Value$145,000.00$145,0000.00%
Total Liabilities$116,020.80$117,468.01+1.25%
Credit Cards$162.05$1811.11+1017.62%
IP Mortgage$115,858.75$115,656.90-0.17%
Total Net-worth$159,904.45$157,827.04-1.30%

Net-worth: $157,827.04
Growth: -1.30%

Portfolio Asset Allocation – Percentage Breakdown

Share Portfolio:
Live Hire
Raiz* 💚

Automation Saving my butt

The modest share growth came through my automated $5 a day into Raiz, it just helps me reinforce that automation is really important to stay on track. The Raiz algorithm / rules aren’t subject to my emotions, my memory or even my “best intentions”!


It’s a bit of a blah month, I really need this renovation to be finished, so I can not only be finished spending my cash, but start making money from renting it (short term accomodation).

I am happy though, that in November and December I really focused on my budget for spending, it wasn’t super strict but bringing lunch to work every day etc, made this Net-worth loss much less of an impact that it would of been just three months ago!

I’m over on Twitter or Instagram where I’m posting much more stuff in real time, love to see you over there too!

Love to hear from y’all in the comments, especially any tips on how to not fuck up my finances, ahaha, cheers 👋

*Raiz – This is my referral link, use it to sign up and we both get $5 ✊

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