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Net-worth Report – October 2019

Welcome to my very first Net-worth report! This is a bit scary, to be posting publicly, partly for security reasons, but also for accountability and laying myself bare! However, I think we as a western society place too much self worth on our net worth, so by talking about it like it’s an every day thing, I hope to help break the taboo of talking about money. ✨

I do swing wildly from thinking about how far behind I am, to being thankful for what I do have.

I mentioned to my Mum how much Super I had, and she said that is more than she ever had in hers in her life. Of course our lives are very different, at my age she was married with kids, and I’m single and kid free, but it helps put things in perspective. Really what it reminded me was that everyone’s financial journey is their own, is unique, and I shouldn’t compare myself to others. πŸ’ž

So I am following the Financial Independence Retire Early concept πŸ”₯ and my goal is to be FI by 45, which is in 12.5 years. I wouldn’t say no if it happened earlier of course but this a realistic goal.

About Me Stats

  • 32 years old
  • My pronouns are she/her
  • Perth
  • Single income no kids
  • No PPOR, I rent.
  • Income: Salary job at $90k gross.
  • I have a few “side hustles” but they cost me more than I make! Oops!
  • 1 investment property – income TBD (purchased Sept 2019 & now renovating it).
  • No consumer or credit card debt.
  • Own a car ( value < $5000 ) and no other significant assets.

Am I doing it right?

I’ve read a lot of other Net-worth reports online in the last month or so, since beginning my FIRE journey, but I am still a little unsure if I’m calculating it correctly, so feel free to give me some tips!

I have valued the Investment Property at what I paid for it, as it was only two months ago, surely some other sucker would buy it for the same price if I did! Ha ha πŸ˜‚ I have included the difference (value minus debt) in this Net-worth report, but it’s not equity as I can’t access it as I’m still at 80% LVR. Does this matter for this report? Also doesn’t included selling costs or capital gains tax deducted from that amount if I were to sell it, to release that value. Any tips here on including Net-worth for Investment Properties?

I have calculated it how Aussie Firebug does it as I’ve used his spread sheet to get me started (thanks mate!). πŸ’ͺ

I’m also renovating the Investment Property, which I have some Cash set aside for, so it’s “spent” in my head already, however I’ve included it in this Net-worth report. I’m a bit sad as once I’ve spent that my Net-worth will go down next month! πŸ™

October 2019 Net-worth


Percentage Breakdown
Shares: 6.1%
Superannuation: 48.5%
Realestate: 18.7%
Cash: 26.7%

Share Portfolio:
Live Hire

πŸ’šEthical Investments: 0.12%
I’m super keen to put my money where my values are and invest ethically. I don’t know yet how to calculate this number properly, as I haven’t seen it done before, and I’m still working on what classifies as an ethical investment (for me). So at the moment that 0.12% reflects the value of the Raiz account I have, which is on the Emerald (green) plan. I should probably exclude cash and real estate but I’ve included them for now. Actually I think real estate can be ethical. Anyway I’ll go into this another time!

I’m just getting started with reshaping my financial life. During most of my 20’s I spent all my money on travel, alcohol and food, however I did manage to put some away to Superannuation, so although I am moving to investing outside of Super now, I am happy I have that.

My Strategy

My strategy for FIRE at the moment is, just get started β€Ό It might not be the smartest move πŸ˜‚ I haven’t thought too much about international / local allocations, dividends VS capital growth, I like real estate too, but need to learn more about it and I know people in FIRE poo-poo it, but I know the most important thing is to just make a start. 🏁 The second most important thing for me to do, is to follow through. I don’t mind starting things (new side hustle every other week!) but I also need to follow through. This is why you’re reading this, as I thought a blog would help me stay accountable! My favourite thing about FIRE and the strategies people follow is that many of them are set and forget and there is a low learning barrier to entry, just buy some ETFs to get started, I can worry about rebalancing and fine tuning my portfolio later once I’ve learnt more!

I look forward to learning more about managing my money, investing, learning how to live with less, and getting involved in the boarder FIRE and Investing communities!

Love to hear from y’all! Cheers πŸ‘‹

*Raiz – This is my referral link, use it to sign up and we both get $5 ✊

I’ve also posted this one YouTube! Have a lookie and subscribe to my channel πŸ™‚


  • Great job on the website and getting started! I live in Perth and find it very “FI Friendly” at the moment, with cheap rents, decent wages and spudshed. Once your renovations are done, this should increase your IP’s value and hence your equity (based on your research) so all is not lost. Let us know how it goes!

    PS. I followed a link to your site from the FI Explorer’s latest update.

    • Hi Mateo! Thanks for dropping by from FI’s post πŸ™‚ Perth is great hey, there’s a lot to do for free around town too! The biggest draw back for me in transport, I can’t imagine being car-free here. Urban sprawl and all. Shout out if you head to one of the ChooseFI Perth meetups love to say G’day!

  • Mr Money Australia

    Well done on starting – your website is very smick.

    I would include the renovations in our net assets as they should increase the value of your IP.

    • Thanks mate!:) I’ll look at how to include the renovations, it’s a bit of a, unique, property, so not sure if they will effect the value that much! Cheers

  • Welcome to the Aussie PF Community. Sounds like you are off to a great start!
    I agree with you that you don’t need to know it all now (or ever) and just taking little steps can make a huge difference in the long run.
    Look forward to see how you progress.


    Congratulations on the first blog post and getting started on the fire journey.

    One question, why haven’t you picked up ETFs/LIC yet if you are looking for a passive investment?

    If you love tracking few more stats and can do with some nice graphs you can have look at my dashboard php/portfolio/

    Good luck

    • My face when I saw your Dashboard Becoming Fire … 😲Wow that is amazing, I’m surprised I haven’t come across it I did search Reddit etc a bit! Thanks for much for sharing on your blog, I am downloading as I type this!

      I haven’t actively bought any shares since getting started with FIRE, my current holdings come from employee incentive schemes and one purchase when I was younger (why oh why didn’t I get into 10 years ago 😭) – I’ll be moving some of that cash into ETFs soon, I did purchase an investment property in September so was holding the cash until that settled!

      I’ve bookmarked your blog, looking forward to keeping up to date with your journey! πŸ™‚ Cheers

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