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Net-worth Report – November 2019

Welcome to my second Net-worth report! I am still getting the hang of things, it’s a bit of a botched job while I get a process for calculations in place (see my Super mess up), but ultimately my intention is to track my progress, have visibility, create accountability and use the net knowledge of the awesome FI Community to help me learn and grow, all the while breaking the taboo of talking about money. ✨

I am following the Financial Independence Retire Early concept 🔥 and my goal is to be FI by 45, which is in 12.5 years. I wouldn’t say no if it happened earlier of course but this is (only just) a realistic goal.

About Me Stats

  • 32 years old
  • My pronouns are she/her
  • Perth, Western Australia
  • S.I.N.K – Single income no kids
  • No PPOR, I rent.
  • Income: Salary job at $90k gross.
  • I have a few “side hustles” but they cost me more than I make! Oops!
  • 1 investment property – income TBD (purchased Sept 2019 & now renovating it).
  • No consumer or credit card debt.
  • Own a car ( value < $5000 ) and no other significant assets (lots of fun times had though!)

Botched Job

So, last month I used the total from my MyGov account to calculate my Super total, however this data is from June 🤦‍♀️ so I logged into the accounts individually (yaaas, I need to consolidate, it’s on the never ending list!) and got the current total. This meant I have a 8% growth in super in one month, which isn’t true. I also realised that I calculated my mortgage payment wrong last month, as I included Novembers payments in October, so there’s no change there even though I did make a minimum payment. However, I don’t want to edit previous numbers, and really 🤷 I’m just lazy and I don’t think it matters that much, so I’m just going to roll with it and note it down.

Negative Net-worth

In reality I would have had a negative growth in net-worth (a negative growth? Do I mean a loss? 😂 ) if not for this super readjustment. I have also allocated cash to spend on the renovation of my newly purchased investment property, of which I am starting to spend more and more. It hurts 😭 I don’t want to simply reflect the renovation costs as value on the asset though, as I don’t think that reflects reality (it’s a weird building and situation 🤪 ), so I am going to write it off however add the costs to my capital expenditure when I do my IP focused calculations for yield and things like that. If I get the property valued in the future I’m sure it will even out then too. Haha, I’m just making it up as I go!

November 2019 Net-worth

October 2019November 2019% Change
Total Assets $271,858.18$275,925.25+1.50%
Total Investments$229,856.31$237,364.50+3.27%
IP Value$145,000.00$145,000.000.00%
Total Liabilities$116,376.02$116,020.80-0.31%
Credit Cards$517.27$162.05-68.67%
IP Mortgage$115,858.75$115,858.750.00%
Total Net-worth$155,482.16$159,904.45+2.84%

Net-worth: $159,904.45
Growth: 2.84%

Portfolio Asset Allocation – Percentage Breakdown
Shares: 6.6% change +0.5%
Superannuation: 51.1% change +2.6%
Realestate: 18.2% change -0.5%
Cash: 24.1% change -2.6%

Share Portfolio:
Live Hire

💚Ethical Investment: $368.12 in Raiz Emerald


Maaaaaate, 11.67% growth on my shares? Can’t complain about dat! Now to 10 x the size of this asset! 💪

Not so stoked

Super now makes up over 50% of my portfolio, which is okay, it’s still part of the FIRE plan, but I want to significantly grow my own investments. Seeing it broken down like this helps me with my motivation!

~ fin

Keen to hear from y’all, I’ll be chucking up an expense report for November too, which is where the real juicy stuff is! Hehehe. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram to peep when I post that one up!

Love to hear from y’all in the comments, especially any tips on how to not fuck up my finances, ahaha, cheers 👋

*Raiz – This is my referral link, use it to sign up and we both get $5 ✊


  • This is great. You are in a great position to leanfire as a SINK. I am surprised you can get an IP for that cheap in Perth. The Raiz ethical investments are great but be sure to check out the Betashares ethical investments. They have FAIR and ETHI and now also GBND, the first green bond ETF on the ASX.

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