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My blog, social stats & income for November

Hey friends! I was inspired by a recent troll thread on Reddit to share my blog stats and revenue, hmm maybe tall poppy is a better phrase than troll. The general gist was “it’s not okay to make money from blogging because you didn’t tell me you were going to try to make money from blogging”. 🤦‍♀️ It’s so silly, getting mad at people for doing their thing, what a shitty attitude, and especially getting annoyed with blogging, it’s so easy to get started blogging that anyone can do it! And that includes me 😊

So why am I blogging and sharing my journey to financial independence and meaningful spending?


This is the number one reason for me, I need to put my shit out there, the good and the bad, because I really really want to succeed, and I know myself, I need to stay focused. This helps! 💪


I know sweet fuck all. Full stop. I know even less about finance and investing, I believe in community! I believe in the collective knowledge, support, sharing, shit talking, that community brings. Ya’ll are my people! The money topic specifically is also harder to find a “tribe” in in-person, as it’s a taboo subject between work colleagues, a difficult subject between friends, awkward between family. 👯👯

Breaking the taboo

On that note, I want to break the taboo too. Where were these blogs when I was pissing my money up the wall? Social media is the worst thing in some ways, but it’s here, so may as well try to make the most of it! 💔


Writing these posts, filming these videos, doing “challenges” on Instagram (#20before2020) is a good way for me to form up my thoughts, to expand on them, to be able to look-back on my thinking in the future. I love writing, so it’s nice to do instead of watching while watching Netflix, and doing video content is really challenging me, I hope to build self confidence through it. 💖✍

Cash money

Damn straight I’ll be chucking up my Raiz referral link or whatever. No one’s out here retiring from blog money, even the biggest Australian FI blogger is making like 3k* a month which is epic but not exactly {insert famous influencer name} level money. Personal finance isn’t modelling or make up tutorials, the whole point is people are trying to save money, I ain’t out here to hustle people! But, if someone clicks a link or uses my codes for something they’re interested in on posts I’m writing about anyway, then you beaut, woohoo! Thank you!
*not fact just guessing

So, with all that said and done, what do my blog and social stats look like for November?

Analytics Website

Content – Posts & Pages5

Mx Lauren YouTube Channel

Subscribers Gained15
Hours watched7.7
Subscribers Lost1
Impressions (ppl that saw thumbnails) 417
Impressions Click-through Rate14.9%
Content – Videos4

Mx_LaurenFI Twitter

Engagement Rate4.1%
Content – Tweets46

Mx_Lauren Instagram

Content – Posts8

Is this a poor effort? 🤷 Who knows. Not many people share their stats, but I got zero chill, I mean zero secrets! 😎

Total Time

I’ve started tracking my time on Toggl for some of the YouTube Videos and Blog posts, I haven’t been tracking social media time and doing stuff on my phone, and I keep forgetting, so this is best guess!

Videos3 days (lol)
Blogs8 hours

The first video took ages, like a hundred takes, and editing it, but the next few didn’t take as long, one take, being less precious, quick & dirty editing, and just learning the editing tools.

A lot of the time is working out the data for the content of the posts, playing in spreadsheets etc. The writing itself, formatting and publishing isn’t the big suck.


The moment you’ve been waiting for! How do I determine income from blogging? It would most likely be from referrals, other options are ads, which I don’t have any lol not sure how else you would make money. I’m not particular invested in this strategy aha.

Total Income$0.00

😂 Take that Reddit haters!

Thanks to all who shared my blog or hit me up with a double tap! Means the world ✨

It’ll be interesting to see these stats month by month, just like I’m tracking my Net-worth reports! So until next month…

I’d love for you to come hang out with me over at;


PS: This blog post took me about 1 and a half hours, but that’ll be in next months report! ✌️

What do you think of my blogs so far?


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